Under use of London electric car chargers revealed

January 21 2015  

Under use of London electric car chargers revealed

Two thirds of London’s 905 electric car charging units are going unused from month to month according to official data analysed by the RAC Foundation.

Figures obtained from Transport for London (TfL) under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that only 324 (36%) of ‘Source London’ charging points were used in June 2014 while the remaining 581 were not plugged into once.

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: “The Mayor has committed to rolling out another 4500 charging points over the next three years, on the way to meeting his ultimate target of 25,000, yet official data shows the bulk of the units we already have are significantly underused.”

In June 2014 there were a total of 4678 charging 'sessions' – more than double the 2243 figure a year earlier when there were 892 charging units in the capital. The RAC Foundation said this shows that the rate of electric car take up is quickening.

But data reveals that 80% of all charging takes place in inner London even though only 46% of the charging network is in this area.

“Hopefully our analysis will give an indication of where further money should be spent and where extra infrastructure might be needed,” Professor Glaister added.

Until September 2014 TfL operated the Source London network of electric charging points in the capital. Since then it has been operated by the Bolloré Group.

A Mayor of London spokesperson said: “The charging points have the potential to support a number of exciting future initiatives such as specialist fleets of electric taxis, private hire vehicles, as well as car clubs.”

A report into the additional requirements and best use for electric charge points called ‘Electric Future for London’ is due to be published by TfL this summer.

(Transport for London)

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