Transport group appoints new head

March 11 2015  

Transport group appoints new head

RAC Foundation director Stephen Glaister (left) is retiring in May and will be replaced by Steve Gooding (right) from the Department for Transport.

Professor Glaister has been in post for seven years during which time he helped to push forward the debate on road pricing, speed cameras, air quality issues and low carbon vehicles.

He told TP Weekly News: “It is hard to find an individual highlight from the last seven years, but one major piece of work I’m pleased to have been involved in has been the review of the funding and administration arrangements for the Highways Agency.”

Is the transportation sector in better shape now compared to seven years ago? “I think it is,” he added. “We suffered a recession in the meantime but in spite of that the outgoing Labour administration and the Coalition Government recognised the need to keep the level of investment in roads and railways up as far as they could.

“There now seems to be a wide measure of cross party agreement to improve capacity of the road network – and that consensus wasn’t there five years ago.”

Professor Glaister’s replacement Steve Gooding has been director general of the Department for Transport’s roads, traffic and local group since 2013.

Mr Gooding has recently taken a major role in work to create Highways England and previously led on development of the Smart Motorway concept and a major study into the feasibility of national road pricing.

He has also been a director of the Office of the Rail Regulator and has worked on transport policies including high speed rail, sustainable travel and promoting the digital agenda.

“Joining the RAC Foundation is a great opportunity, a privilege and a considerable responsibility building on the work of my predecessors,” he said.

“Some of the biggest political and social debates touch on transport including climate change, public health, infrastructure provision, and the funding and financing of public services. I am looking forward to leading the Foundation’s contribution on these issues.”

RAC Foundation chair Joe Greenwell said: “I would like to thank Stephen Glaister for his outstanding leadership of the Foundation, and for the rigour and illumination he has brought to the transport debate.

“We are delighted Steve Gooding has agreed to be our new director," he added. "His expertise, knowledge, experience and policy insights in the transport field are second to none.”

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