Three to one favour new runway capacity says poll

May 20 2015  

Three to one favour new runway capacity says poll
Opponents of building new runway capacity in the South East are outnumbered three to one by supporters of airport expansion, a poll 
has suggested.
The survey, carried out by Populus on behalf of pro expansion campaign group Let Britain Fly, revealed that 45% of 2159 people asked back new runways with just 16% in disagreement.
“It is clear there is strong public support for new runways and for Ministers to make an early decision,” said Let Britain Fly director Gavin Hayes.
Results show that more people support airport expansion than oppose it in every nation and region of the UK, including in London where 52% of those surveyed were in favour of new runways compared to 14% against.
And more than two thirds of those polled agreed that airports should be obliged to support improvements to public transport links if given the green light to expand.
Respondents also backed calls for Government to use its fresh mandate to make an early decision to increase airport capacity once the Airports Commission publishes its final recommendation, again with a ratio of 3:1 in support.
But a decision over where a new runway should be sited is likely to be delayed after the Airports Commission launched a new three week air quality consultation into the trio of remaining options which concludes on 29 May.
Mr Hayes added: “Once the Airports Commission has published its final report the Government must grasp the moment and give the go ahead to build a new runway in a timely manner, so we can ensure spades are in the ground by 2020.”
(Photo: Heathrow Airport)

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