Spending Review 2015 - tell us your views

July 31 2015  

Spending Review 2015 - tell us your views
The Chancellor has launched the Spending Review (SR) for 2015 with the aim to publishing the final review on 25 November 2015.  The final review will set out how the government will deliver on the plan to eliminate the deficit by 2019/2020.

The SR is a review of all public spending and CIHT have an opportunity to put forward the thoughts and representations of its membership suggesting ideas for policies or reforms for inclusion in the SR.

Submissions to the Treasury should look to contain:
  • Spending and policy suggestions, explaining rationale, costs, benefits and deliverability of the proposals
  • An evidence base
  • Likely effectiveness and feasibility
  • Public spending implications and value for money
  • Wider macroeconomic implications
  • Legislative and operational requirements
  • Sectoral and distributional impacts
  • Administrative and compliance costs and issues
CIHT members will need to consider the launch document Spending Review 2015.
To read more information and background click here.

How to submit your representation?

Please email your views to CIHT technical@ciht.org.uk by 21 August 2015.  CIHT will collate all the views and submit a single response by the deadline of Friday 4 September.

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