Security of road infrastructure - international study published

July 1 2015  

Security of road infrastructure - international study published

This paper is addressing threats directed to the infrastructure. A correct understanding and a suitable handling of the security of road infrastructure is not only important to safeguard the infrastructure itself, but is also relevant to cover the protection of the social and economic values, the protection of the environment, and even the security of other transportation modes.

The objective of the paper is to:
•provide an overview of the range of security threats and issues that may affect road infrastructure, operations and users.
•promote thought and discussion within the road community in order to raise awareness and allow Road Authorities and Operators to step forward with international good practices on "Road Infrastructure Security".

The paper outlines the following topics:
•assessment of physical security;
•different methodological approaches;
•safety and security programs;
•application of knowledge in security by design;
•retrofit of existing infrastructure.

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