Safety specialists urged to sign up and offer advice

April 8 2015  

Safety specialists urged to sign up and offer advice
Road safety professionals are urged to lend their support to an online forum taking place during the forthcoming UN Global Road Safety Week to help suggest ways of reducing child casualties in developing countries.
Participants will take part in four one hour sessions between 5 and 8 May, providing answers to questions of road safety in an effort to spread best practice. Each session will focus on a specific child related safety issue covering walking, cycling, in car safety and advice on running a safety education scheme.
People will submit questions either during a seminar or in advance and the panel of experts will answer the questions as they receive them. The names of those on the panel will be announced next week.
The initiative is led by Road Safety GB under the slogan #SaveKidsLives and has support from organisations including CIHT. Those with specialist safety knowledge and are prepared to share their experience are asked to complete a questionnaire click here.
Road Safety GB spokesman Nick Rawlings said: “The panel of professionals will provide advice to those with very limited access to road safety support around the world. We are particularly keen to hear from people with specific expertise in child road safety.”
CIHT Road Safety Panel chairman Rob McCartney added: “A series of ‘how to’ guides has also been created, such as how to teach road safety to children, to provide assistance to those in the developing world or countries where road safety needs to become more of a priority.
“How you measure the success of these initiatives is difficult, but by setting up formal networks like this experts in the UK can reach out and help those in other countries.”
"I would encourage all those involved in road safety to sign up to the declaration on the SaveKidsLives website."
For further details search Road Safety GB and click on the UN Global Road Safety Week icon.
(Photo: Road Safety GB)

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