Presentation on climate change adaptation framework given at the WRA UK 2015 AGM

August 12 2015  

The prestentation outlined the unequivocal evidence that warming of the global climate system is leading to:

  • Alteration of weather patterns
  • Sea-level rise and change in ocean circulation
  • Reduction of snow and ice cover
  • Increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events

Also noted was the IPCC consensus “that there is a discernible human influence on global climate” and that a 2°C increase is projected to have major consequences globally and is expected to be exceeded by the end of the 21st Century.

The presentation provided an introduction to the Framework (soon to be published) and outlined the following:

1) Developed to guide road authorities through:
•The identification of assessment scope, variables, risks and data;
•Assessing and prioritising the risks posed to highway assets, locations and operations;
•Developing and selecting adaptation responses and strategies; and,
•Integrating assessment findings into decision making processes.
2) Applicable to road authorities operating under any geographical, climatic, economic, and environmental condition, irrespective of data availability, locality, etc.
3) An effective and useable tool, which synthesises international good practice and knowledge.

The presentation is available here:   WRA UK 2015 AGM presentation - International Climate Change Adaptation Framework for Road Infrastructure Developed

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