New guidance issued for highway maintenance procurement

July 29 2015  

New guidance issued for highway maintenance procurement
Local highway authorities are able to further simplify the way they procure services and manage their term maintenance contracts after a newly updated suite of resources was released by HMEP (the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme).
HMEP has worked with clients and providers to update its Standard Form of Contract, intended to reduce the amount of time, resource and cost spent on by the sector on procurement.
Speaking on behalf of the Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) reference group, David Binding said: “Working collaboratively between the public and private sector to further develop the HMEP suite of industry standard contract documents has been ground breaking.
“By collecting best practice and developing fair and transparent Standard Forms of Contract for Highway Maintenance Services, the whole industry can reduce procurement and tendering costs as well as ultimately achieving greater efficiencies.”
He added that the public and private sectors must continue to work together to ensure the effective implementation and operation of best practice contract mechanisms.
HMEP is also providing a new Price List of 2000 items frequently procured by highway authorities alongside a standard Method of Measurement document providing new definitions, units and rules where none exist currently. This, according to Hampshire County Council’s Keith Gale, allows all parties to clearly understand their roles, responsibilities, duties and risks involved in contracts.
“Having a uniform basis upon which to express these in economic terms must be a way forward,” he said.
All HMEP procurement documents are free to download at:
(Photo: Department for Transport)

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