New fund to boost transport technology

April 15 2015  

New fund to boost transport technology
Small companies developing the next big innovations in so called ‘intelligent mobility’ have been told this week they may soon bid for up to £100M of support from a new fund launched by the Transport Systems Catapult.
It is claimed that the new Intelligent Mobility Investment Fund is a world first and will help Britain to achieve 10% of a market projected to be worth £900Bn within a decade.
The Transport Systems Catapult aims to work with a major fund manager to raise capital for technology innovations that could drive intelligent mobility.
Several British innovations have already been identified that could revolutionise future travel, including new technology to allow cities to conduct virtual trials of electric car fleets and systems that use live weather alerts to plot the safest and smoothest routes to take in real time.
One company identified by the Catapult monitors social media and commuter movements to "chart the mood" of travellers and predict future transport conditions.
And another firm is said to be trialling automated ‘freight pipelines’ that plan to take cargo off the roads using driverless capsules in underground tunnels.
Transport Systems Catapult chief technology officer Paul Zanelli said: “We aim to create something that can attract forward thinking technology investors to help get these world leading transport ideas to the marketplace.
“We are on the cusp of a revolution in transport that will see IT innovations used to create hyper efficient, seamless movement of goods and people based on real time data,” he added.
(Photo: Transport Systems Catapult)

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