Jumping for joy to mark National Women in Engineering Day

June 24 2015  

Jumping for joy to mark National Women in Engineering Day
Female engineers (and a handful of male colleagues) set a new world record on Tuesday for the most people performing a ‘high five’ jump simultaneously. The event at Horse Guards Parade was held to mark National Women in Engineering Day and saw 864 people take part from 155 organisations involved in transport, engineering and technology.
Among the participants were engineers Hannah Shewan-Friend and Izzie Peters. “It was really nice to see so many women coming out in support of this event,” said Hannah, who previously worked on the M25 Holmesdale Tunnel. “We do need to encourage more women into the industry and overcome the stereotype that an engineer is a man with a spanner in his back pocket.”
Izzie, from White Young Green, added: “It is great to see women being supported in engineering and to help bring events such as this to the public attention.”
Event supporter Transport for London’s head of corporate affairs Kerri Rogan said: “It was fantastic to see so many people from every corner of our industry take part in the world record. Not only were people having fun, but it really put the spotlight on women in transport, engineering and technology roles.
“Traditionally, these roles have not been promoted to girls as a career option and as an industry we know there is a way to go to bridge the gender gap,” she added. “This is an exciting time for women to enter engineering, as we embark on delivering one of the largest programmes of transport capital investment in the world.” 
CIHT was a supporter of National Women in Engineering Day. Please click here for more details.
(Photo: National Women in Engineering Day)

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