HS2 promises a “massive opportunity” for BIM

May 20 2015  

HS2 promises a “massive opportunity” for BIM
Railways remain years behind other industry sectors in embracing Building Information Modelling (BIM) a conference in Birmingham heard last Wednesday. But the High Speed 2 project can provide “a massive opportunity” to encourage suppliers to get on board with the use of digital data.
High Speed 2 director Jon Kerbey told the Railtex show that the railway supply chain “has got some work to do” to embrace the use of BIM, but added: “this project is big enough to push the boundaries and drive its use”.
Mr Kerbey said that gathering data through BIM will help create a “digital legacy” for the project. BIM can achieve efficiencies, he added, through design and construction and lead to savings through operation and maintenance of the railway. Further ahead in their adoption of BIM, he said, were the aerospace, manufacturing and automotive sectors.
“In 10 years time we don’t want to sit here thinking we wish we had the data and had embraced BIM,” he added. “Now is the time to do it, and that is a lesson learned from other major projects we have spoken to.”
Mr Kerbey remains upbeat that BIM will eventually be embraced by many rail suppliers on HS2. He said that nearly three quarters of organisations recently surveyed have made a financial provision for BIM. But he added “only 43% have an education programme in place to upskill staff to work in this way”. HS2 will try, he added, to “fill that gap.”
He added that rail suppliers working to build, operate and maintain High Speed 2 will be free to use any computer software they see fit to populate a BIM asset inventory for the project. But the client will remain “agnostic” to the specific systems used.
“As a client we are not trying to impose anything on the supply chain. We will say 'do what you want to do' and we will bring that all together.”
(Photo: Capita)

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