HMEP's improved suite of resources

July 23 2015  

HMEP's improved suite of resources

HMEP’s updated Standard Form of Contract and Procurement Suite can help the highways sector to procure services to maintain local roads, more efficiently.

An improved suite of resources, developed by the sector to help simplify and standardise the way Local Highway Authorities procure highway services and manage their term maintenance contracts, is now available from the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP).  

Clients and providers have worked together to provide clear direction for the highways sector, providing an enhanced suite of ready-made procurement documents that can reduce the amount of time, resource and cost, while benchmarking current contract performance to inform future contract delivery.

In addition to the Standard Form of Contract, the updated procurement suite from HMEP includes a Price List of around 2,000 frequently used items procured by local highway authorities and a standard Method of Measurement that provides new definitions, units and rules where none exist currently.

The HMEP: Procurement documents, which are free to download here are:
•    Notes for Guidance (updated)
•    Standard Form of Contract (updated)
•    Price List (new)
•    Method of Measurement (new)
•    Standard Specification and Standard Details, Official Journal of the European Union, Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, Instruction for Tender  (remain unchanged)

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