Heathrow expansion would be unlawful, says Gatwick

June 3 2015  

Heathrow expansion would be unlawful, says Gatwick
Gatwick airport has upped the stakes in the battle over where a new runway should be sited in the South East by claiming that expansion at Heathrow would be “unlawful”.
The West Sussex airport says that a third runway in west London would worsen existing poor air quality conditions and lead to further delay in meeting legally binding limits.
It says that a recent Supreme Court ruling that action must be taken by Government to cut air pollution has brought the issue of air quality into renewed focus.
Gatwick did not rule out the possibility of High Court action when challenged about what its next step would be in the event of Heathrow being approved to expand.
Gatwick airport chief executive Stewart Wingate said: “Air quality concerns have prevented Heathrow expansion in the past and the air quality in west London continues to exceed the legal limits and is forecast to do so beyond 2030.
“The country cannot afford to make the wrong choice and risk years of delay on a project that is eventually halted because of its unacceptable impact.”
Heathrow sustainability & environment director Matt Gorman said: “After three years of extensive consultation, evidence gathering and analysis the Airports Commission has confirmed that Heathrow can expand well within local air quality limits.
“We have worked with local communities and campaign groups and commit to playing our part in meeting local air quality limits.”
Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission is expected to deliver its report to Government later this month.
(Photo: Heathrow Airport Limited)

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