Hackney stations to be better connected

April 22 2015  

Hackney stations to be better connected
Installation of a covered walkway between a pair of rail stations in east London promises to improve passenger connections between two lines heading in different directions.
The 200m walkway between Hackney Central and Hackney Downs reduces the walk between the two stations by around 400m, but also makes it clearer that such an interchange is possible.
Around 165,000 passengers a year currently walk between the two stations. It is thought this number will increase by a further 150,000 when the covered walkway opens this summer.
Transport for London's director of London Overground services Mike Stubbs said: “The Hackney interchange will reduce journey times by making it much quicker and easier for passengers wanting to change between new London Overground West Anglia services and the existing London Overground network.”
Mr Stubbs added that interchanging at Hackney will also reduce congestion at Liverpool Street station, where currently many passengers travel before changing to other services.
London TravelWatch chief executive Janet Cooke said: “Any opportunity to interchange between lines without going into central London is welcome.” Business group the London Stansted Cambridge Consortium's deputy director Stephen King added: “We have been pushing for this for quite some while.”
According to local councillor Vincent Stops the Hackney Central to Hackney Downs walkway recreates a link that was lost over 70 years ago.
“While the street link has been a good one this new walkway will be a little shorter and take away the need to leave the station,” he said. “It will mean Hackney Central will become a little more accessible which will improve the area’s attractiveness.”
(Photo: London Overground)

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