Encouraging the transport sector to engage with stakeholders

June 4 2015  

Encouraging the transport sector to engage with stakeholders

CIHT has released the latest in a range of guidelines as an update to the 'Transport in the Urban Environment' publication.

The new guidance ‘ CIHT - Involving the Public and Other Stakeholders ’ encourages and enables transportation practitioners to engage more effectively with those who stand to be most directly affected by the work they undertake

Andrew Hugill, Director of Policy & Technical Affairs said:

‘We have produced these new guidelines to provide practical advice and highlight good practice that is available in the highways and transportation sector.”

“It is now considered best practice for transport professionals to act as facilitators of engagement – providing technical guidance, knowledge and advice on schemes.’

Involving the Public and Other Stakeholders shows how a coordinated approach to consultation and engagement can lead to improved and more effective end results

Streets and Transport in the Urban Environment

With the publication of 'Manual for Streets' in 2007 and 'Manual for Streets 2: Wider Application of the Principles', published by CIHT in 2010, official recognition was given for the first time to the importance of placemaking in the design of highways and other transport infrastructure, particularly in urban areas.

CIHT is developing a range of guidelines which will be based upon work carried out over the last few years in updating elements of the 1997 publication 'Transport in the Urban Environment' to assist professionals in implementing 'Manual for Streets'. This work will be grouped under the overall title of Streets and Transport in the Urban Environment.

These guidelines are available to download free from the CIHT at www.ciht.org.uk/stue

Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation

CIHT is a membership organisation representing over 13,000 people who work in the highways and transportation sector.
CIHT members plan, design, build, operate and maintain best-in-class transport systems and infrastructure, whilst respecting the imperatives of improving safety, ensuring economic competitiveness and minimising environmental impact.

CIHT supports its member's professional endeavours by:

• offering training, information, professional development and support
• promoting the value added to society by the profession
• being the focused voice to Governments and other decision makers on transportation expertise and knowledge.

For more information please contact: Daniel Isichei, Director of Communications
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