Drivers claims for damage caused by potholes exceeded £3m over 2014 in Britain

January 26 2015  

According to research published today by the RAC Foundation, drivers claimed more than £3m for damage caused by potholes.  Nearly all the authorities responded to the Freedom of Information questions for the financial year 2013/14 with responses received from 200 out of 207 local highway authorities in England, Wales and Scotland.
•England - 42,662 claims, 9,792 successful - £2.9m compensation paid (146 out of 153 councils responded to survey)
•Scotland - 4,511 claims, 1,126 successful - £228,000 compensation (32 out of 32 councils responded)
•Wales - 1,491 claims, 266 successful - £73,000 compensation (22 out of 22 councils responded)

Source: RAC Foundation
Andrew Hugill, Director of Policy & Technical Affairs said:

“The Government should recognise that the success of an improved strategic network in meeting customer needs cannot be met without the local road network being also considered as part of a holistic solution. Almost all journeys start and end on the local road network”.
"The funding challenge, particular in the reduced revenue funding to local authorities, is being witnessed with an increase in claims against the previous year.  Although less than a quarter of claims resulted in payment, this will still inevitably take up time from hard pressed local authorities."

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