CIHT welcome the Davies Commission final report

July 1 2015  

CIHT welcome the Davies Commission final report

CIHT welcomes the publication of the Airports Commission’s final report into airport capacity and connectivity in the UK but believe that swift action must be taken by government to respond to its recommendations.

The Airports Commission’s final report has recommended a third runway at Heathrow Airport be built to provide the additional capacity for the south east required by 2030. The commission said that the Heathrow option selected would give greater economic benefit with less local impact. Full details of their announcement are available here

Sue Percy, Chief Executive, CIHT said:

"Whilst we welcome the publication of the report after 2.5 years of detailed technical work, we urge the government to come to a quick decision and provide the certainty needed to take forward its recommendations.

"The timescales involved in providing a solution leave us concerned that any delay on taking a decision would provide the wrong impression, create uncertainty and lead to additional benefits not being achieved.

"We believe that any implementation must recognise that the detailed recommendations on mitigation around noise, air quality both in air movements and other transport movements. We urge the government to act quickly on developing these measures as they will have important benefits for the whole of the UK’s transport networks as well as Heathrow.  CIHT welcome the reports recognition that investment is required in improved surface access to the site.

"Access to air travel is essential to business, commerce and industry in providing access to markets (especially emerging markets in Asia and South America); it supports economic development, inward investment and regeneration; it is vital to employment in terms of a range of direct and indirect jobs; it supports inbound/outbound tourism.”

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