CIHT & SoRSA to Award Highways Agency Certificate of Competency

June 19 2012   | Region: SoRSA

It was announced at the annual SoRSA conference held on the 18th & 19th June 2012 that the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) & the Society of Road Safety Auditors (SoRSA) are to award a new Road Safety Audit Certificate of Competency on behalf of the Highways Agency.

From December 2013 to be compliant, EC Directives require at least one member of a Road Safety Audit Team to hold a Certificate of Competency (CoC) when undertaking a Road Safety Audit on the Trans-European network which includes much of UK Motorway and Trunk Roads.

The assessment and certification processes developed by SoRSA have been formally approved by the Highways Agency. CIHT, through SoRSA, is consequently in a position to award CoCs via the Portfolio of Evidence Route to applicants who demonstrate the necessary understanding, experience and expertise. As with SoRSA membership, access to the CoC is open to CIHT members and non-members.

Julian Bartlett, SoRSA Chair said:

“For many years the UK has lead the world in the safety review of its roads, the introduction of this certificate ensures consistency across Europe and will contribute to improved road safety.”

The Certificate of Competency application form can be downloaded from the Certificate of Competency page located under the 'Join SoRSA' section in the main navigation bar.

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