CIHT podcast: the uncertainty of future transport predictions

February 24 2015  

Professor Glenn Lyons, CIHT Council Member, from the University of West of England secured a secondment to the New Zealand Ministry of Transport.  In this podcast Glenn outlines the scope of the project: “the real challenge was to combine how transport might develop with how society itself might develop…we are fundamentally embracing uncertainty”. 

Glenn outlines two underlying assumptions, the first one on the range of options for how society might wish to connect in the future (from virtual to physical connections), and the second one looking at how the cost of energy might affect travel choices. Glen outlines the implications of this for the UK and in particularly the assumptions made for forecasting transport growth in the UK, in particular those underpinning the Road Investment Strategy.
To hear the podcast click here.

To see the presentation slides click here (only available for CIHT members)

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