Capital rail plans make progress

April 2 2015  

Capital rail plans make progress
London is pushing ahead on two fronts with plans to increase rail capacity in the capital. London Underground confirmed this week it will deliver the Croxley Rail Link to extend the Metropolitan Line, and a consultation on a proposed Bakerloo line extension has received "overwhelming" public support.
Meanwhile one of two remaining tunnel drives on Crossrail has begun between Liverpool Street and Farringdon.
Work is set to begin later this year on the Croxley Rail Link beyond Watford Junction. London Underground is now to deliver the project rather than Hertfordshire County Council.
The tube operator’s director of major programme sponsorship David Hughes explained: “Late last year, faced with significant project slippage and cost escalation, Government asked us to consider stepping in. We made it clear that a suitable funding package needed to be in place before we would be prepared to take this on.
"Those discussions have concluded and the Mayor has confirmed that London Underground should take on overall delivery responsibility.”
London Underground has agreed to contribute £16M towards the £280M scheme, with the county council providing £230M and Department for Transport contributing £34M. The first trains are expected to run on the extended line by 2019.
Extension of the Bakerloo line to the south by the early 2030s meanwhile received 96% support from a public consultation.
The £3Bn project is aimed at helping to meet expected population growth in the area. Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “This extension has huge potential to breathe a new lease of life into south London’s opportunity areas, as well as delivering urgently needed rapid transit capacity.”
Also this week the Mayor visited Crossrail’s TBM Victoria (pictured) to see it off on its final 750m tunnelling drive from Liverpool Street to Farringdon.
Crossrail chairman Terry Morgan said: “For nearly three years, our machines have been inching their way forward beneath the streets of London. Once the tunnelling is complete, we will turn our attention to fitting out the tunnels with the tracks, cabling and all the systems needed to deliver a fully operating railway.”
(Photo: Crossrail)

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