2015 budgets highlights how transport is an engine for growth

March 18 2015  

The Budget 2015 underlines how transport is an engine for growth, a factor highligted by CIHT in their Manifesto

The Chancellor said that ‘we will build on London’s success’ and noted that transport was a key component to this.  To build the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, the Chancellor said that:  ‘Working across party lines, and in partnership with the councils of the north, we are this week publishing a comprehensive Transport Strategy for the North’.

The agreement with Greater Manchester on an elected major and the devolution of power over skills, transport and health budgets was also highlighted.  As part of this, the Chancellor said that provisional agreement had been reached to allow Greater Manchester  to keep 100% of additional growth in local business rates.

CIHT welcome the direction taken by Greater Manchester and at the 2015 CIHT National Conference there was a conclusive view that further devolution of transport powers was needed.  Votes cast at the end of proceedings had 94% of people vote in favour of more control over local transportation matters (see more information here).

Other announcements for transport included: 

  • New powers for Mayor of London over skills and planning
  • New inter-city rail franchise for south west of England
  • £100m to enhance the development of driverless car technology
  • Toll for Severn river crossings to be reduced from 2018

Full details of CIHT's pre-Budget submission can be seen here

For a copy of the Chancellor's speech click here.

For full budget details click here.

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