CIHT - Planning for Cycling

3 November 2014, 11926KB

Cycling is an important part of urban transport.
However, for many years its role has been neglected
in the UK, with the focus mainly on the needs of motor
traffic. Cycling is one of the most sustainable forms of
transport, and increasing its use has great potential.
To release this potential, highways, public spaces and
other rights-of-way need to be organised accordingly.

Planning for cycling is discussed in these guidelines;
detailed design of infrastructure and facilities for cycle
users will be examined elsewhere.

These guidelines are organised in the following

2. Cycling Characteristics, Behaviour and
Trends in the UK

3. Benefits of Cycling

4. Current Conditions and Challenges

5. Legal and Regulatory Context for Cycling

6. Cycling Strategies and Plans

7. Planning Cycle Networks and Routes

8. Promoting Cycling

9. Monitoring and Evaluation of Cycling Schemes

10. Further Information on Planning for Cycling

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