Mr. Kenneth Lai

MHKIE, MCIHT, BSc (Civil & Structural Eng.)

Mr Lai has over 25 years experience in a wide range of traffic engineering design aspects ; road alignments and traffic aids; detailed design of junction operation and method of control; public transport interchange; temporary traffic management measures for different natures of road works; internal layout design of car park and pedestrian walkway system, and also in a wide range of traffic/transportation studies; public housing developments; new town /reclamation master plan; the local area traffic improvement schemes; development traffic impact assessment studies and railway station traffic and transport impact assessment studies. His hands-on experience from projects and studies covers those in Hong Kong, China and Sri Lanka.


Chairman Speech:

Dear President Steve Rowsell and his wife Liz, fellow members and friends, good evening,

It has been my great honour to have your support in taking up the Chairman of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation Hong Kong Branch (CIHT HKB) as from 1st June 2017.

The CIHT HKB has been established in Hong Kong since 1984 and is now in its 33th year.  We are representing over 664 members practicing in highway and transportation sectors.  I would like to thank Mr. Alan Low and other Past Chairmen who have made remarkable contribution to the Institution.  And I would also like to thank all of committee members for their active participation, for the growth and smooth operation of CIHT HKB. 

CIHT HK Branch would continue to strengthen the role as focus for the highways and transportation professions in HK. We would continue to offer a wide range of technical meetings so that members can keep abreast with the technical advancement and changing environment in which we work. Like just two weeks before, the Annual Seminar was successfully organized on “Innovation on Highways and Transportation Beyond Hong Kong”, over 170 highway and transportation professionals attended. Seminar like this can nurture personal contacts and exchange views on new developments in the industry which play an important part in their professional and career advancement. Our programme of site visits to transportation projects would also offer unique opportunities to enrich the practical knowledge of our members. In this March, the delegation of Hong Kong Branch also visited Malaysia to share railway experience with MRT Line 1 Project and acquire the latest development of the toll highways.

We will also continue to strengthen our membership drive of young talent members.  We have received very good response of new student members in last year.  In addition, we will enhance our linkage with UK headquarters and other branches.

We hope that the Hong Kong Branch will become a platform for knowledge and experience sharing on transportation and infrastructure developments amongst the government, consultants, contractors and professional bodies.  I look forward to seeing you at our forthcoming activities, and working with you hand-in-hand to achieve the vision of the Institution.

Once again, I would like to propose a vote of thanks to our out-going Chairman, Mr Alan Low, and his committee for their excellent contributions to the Institution in last year.